What to play this week? – Most interesting releases on July 29, 2017

All interesting releases

This is “What to Play This Week?” and the current game week has brought again several small but entertaining and interesting projects. Therefore, if you do not know what to do with yourself this weekend, the article will help you make your choice.

• Game: “Super Cloudbuilt”

On July 25th, a new fast-paced action platformer called Super Cloudbuilt was released on Steam. In the story, players will take on the role of a young soldier named Demi, who wakes up among the ruins of a building in an unknown world. The key point is that the girl was disconnected from her previous life. Now the main character has to solve many puzzles to find out what secrets the future holds.

The new game features a creative approach to dizzying free races. You have to run through huge worlds that soar in the air over an abyss that has no boundaries. Use an exoskeleton with a built-in jetpack to explore hidden passages. Super Cloudbuilt currently has over 200 challenges and 3 game modes.

Game developer: “Coilworks”. Game publisher: Double Eleven. List of available platforms: PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4.

• Game: “Pressure Overdrive”

On July 25, a brand new cool arcade shooter on wheels called Pressure Overdrive went on sale on Steam. The game takes place in a steampunk parody universe. And since the plot does not play a key role in such games, the developers decided to please the players with interesting mechanics, nice graphics and the delights of improvements.

Pressure Overdrive includes: a wide system of improvements (over 35 items to improve the buggy and new types of weapons); interesting modes (including co-op, endless and campaign mode); new bosses and more than a dozen enemies; improved controls and steampunk soundtrack! After all, the game has an online highscore display and support for 10 languages.

Game developer: “Chasing Carrots”. Game publisher: Chasing Carrots. List of available platforms: “PC”, “Xbox One”, “PlayStation 4”.

• Game: “Solstice Chronicles: MIA”

On July 26th, a dark shooter titled “Solstice Chronicles: MIA” appeared on Steam. According to the plot, the Earth was infected in the classical way by an unknown virus, so most of the planet’s population became extinct. The remnants of humanity were forced to move to Mars, but things only got worse there. Destructive storms are passing around, bloodthirsty mutants are exterminating humanity. Players will take on the role of a somewhat cynical mercenary who, by luck, turned out to be the last surviving person in a completely exterminated colony. In fact, the game is an analogue of last year’s DOOM, but in isometric view and with a smart bot that acts as a partner.

Solstice Chronicles: MIA has a flexible upgrade and leveling system. The skill tree includes four classes, and the weapon has a wide range of upgrades. In the course of the passage, you will have to collect all sorts of supplies, control the pace of the game and destroy hordes of advancing enemies, gradually breaking forward.

Game developer: “Ironward”. Game publisher: Nkidu. List of available platforms: “PC”.

• Game: “Theseus”

The curious Theseus games have been released exclusively for PS VR headsets. It is not difficult to guess from the title that this is another variation on the theme of the famous Greek myth about the hero Theseus and the Minotaur. The developers, in turn, decided to supplement the legend with new horror elements. Therefore, the mythical labyrinth is now inhabited by hordes of monsters, and the Minotaur is a huge monster that does not even look like a bull. However, there is no lifeline in the trailers either.

Game developer: “Forge Reply”. Game publisher: Forge Reply. List of available platforms: “PlayStation 4”.

• Game: “Galaxy of Pen & Paper”

One of the best RPG table seating simulators is back. So, on July 27, a game called “Galaxy of Pen & Paper” was released on personal computers and mobile devices. The game is an ideological continuation of another hit from the same developers – “Knights of Pen & Paper”. Galaxy of Pen & Paper is a tactical RPG, the beauty of which lies in a bunch of interesting references to other projects and chic styling. In the game, you need to create your own team so that, already in the role of a gamer, you will go on a meeting with imaginary adventures.

Game developer: “Behold Studios”. Game publisher: Behold Studios. List of available platforms: “PC”.

• Game: “Sundered”

And the final release this week is a 2D slasher from the authors of the game Jotun called “Sundered”. This time, a new work from the same developers offers to plunge headlong into a hand-drawn picture. The protagonist is Ash, a traveler wandering through a shattered world and opposing the forces of chaos.

The new game will surprise you not only with beautifully hand-drawn graphics and animations, but also terrifying battles with epic bosses. In addition, it diversifies the passage of hundreds of updates and a large number of character builds. And dynamic battles will not let you get bored. In the end, the game has multiple endings and is designed for 20 hours of gameplay.

Game developer: “Thunder Lotus Games”. Game publisher: Thunder Lotus Games. List of available platforms: “PC”, “PlayStation 4”.

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