What will happen to the main event in Dota 2 The International due to the coronavirus?

The ill-fated virus, the name of which you no longer even want to pronounce, makes its own adjustments to the daily life of mankind. Cybersport also suffers from it. Although tournaments in computer disciplines can be held online, they are traditionally held at large sports grounds. This adds to the atmosphere, energizes both the fans and the esports players themselves. The big arena factor also increases the prize pool with multiple sponsors.

The most important Dota 2 tournament is The International. It is held once a year at the end of summer. Throughout the season, teams earn DPC points in order to then receive a direct invite to the main event. Qualifying tournaments are also held, with the help of which almost any team can qualify for The International.

The matches of this event are watched by millions of spectators around the world. People place bets, including using the site… Thanks to this, money is earned not only by e-sportsmen, but also by ordinary spectators.

Fate in question

As you know, the largest sporting events in the world are canceled now: the European Football Championship, the Tokyo Olympics. These two events were supposed to take place in the summer, but it has already become clear that their holding may be unsafe.

The International has not been ported yet. The tournament is to be held in Sweden, where a ban was introduced on mass events of more than 500 people in mid-March. It is not yet known when this ban will be lifted, and what the situation will be in the world in August, when the tournament is planned.

Virtus.Pro player Vladimir No[o]one Minenko suggested that Valve will postpone The International to a later date – winter 2020. The cybersportsman also said that the best solution would be if the organizers would directly distribute invites to all participants. According to the player, this option is due to the fact that due to the cancellation of tournaments, the teams did not really have time to play for the season points.

What about online?

Of course, Dota 2 is not football or hockey, and matches can be played not in large arenas. But online is not a format not for The International. Such large-scale tournaments must be held exclusively with fans, in large sports arenas.

According to Evgeny Sh4dowehhh Alekseev, the online format of qualifications, and then of The International itself, can lead to foul play. Players will monitor streams, so they can see enemy wards, as well as crank and other schemes of foul play.

The International 2021

Despite such an unstable, suspended situation, Valve is already accepting applications for the next tournament, which is due to take place in 2021. So, the famous commentator Vitaliy V1lat Volochay talked with the adviser to the mayor of Kiev Maxim Bakhmatov about the holding of The International in the capital of Ukraine.

On March 30, the Belarusian Cybersport Federation submitted an application. The proposed venue is the Minsk-Arena sports complex. In 2016, an e-sports tournament within the StarLadder series was successfully held here. The event was combined – Dota 2 and CS: GO competitions were held at the same time.

Russia will certainly not be left out of such a big event either. Large esports tournaments have already been held in Moscow more than once, and holding The International in the capital seems to be quite a logical step. Moreover, there are enough suitable sites for this.

The location of The International 2021 must be announced during the 2020 final match. According to the plans, it was supposed to take place on August 23, but in connection with such an unstable situation, it remains only to guess whether the main tournament of the year will pass or not.

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