Which brand to choose a gaming TV from: LG or Samsung

Smart TVs are often used for games. However, only the game model provides correct graphics processing. Its features are fast frame change, support for game modes, up-to-date resolution, compatibility with wired and wireless accessories.

Devices for players are produced by LG and Samsung. Brand TVs have a lot in common, as well as differences. The reasons for the similarities and common features – in the text below.


TV for games should be modern. Signs of relevance:

  • availability of Smart functions,
  • trending design,
  • built-in wireless modules,
  • compatibility with gaming accessories.

Samsung and LG meet these criteria. They work on the basis of regularly updated software and are suitable for solving many problems. They are used not only for games, but also for Internet surfing, communication on social networks, viewing content online. You can connect auxiliary equipment to TV sets – for example, headphones from Reiser, gaming keyboard, soundbar or virtual reality glasses.

Both brands update their lineup every year. The new models are better than the previous ones. They can be improved by introducing innovative technologies and expanding functionality.


The design does not affect the launch of games, but the gaming atmosphere depends on it. LG TVs appeal to gamers thanks to features such as:

  • minimum size of frames around the screen;
  • ergonomic table stands;
  • neutral body colors.

Gray and black TV sets look great with game consoles, system units and peripherals. “Trump” Samsung – interior TV models. They are versatile, so they are also suitable for games. Their chips:

  • perfect combination with any interior,
  • the possibility of replacing frames,
  • “Painting” mode.


LG’s gaming TVs are big. The average diagonal size is 50-55 inches. They are suitable for those users who are used to watching a high-quality picture on a huge screen.

Samsung’s assortment includes mid-range models (from 43 inches). They are optimal for players who are used to being close to the screen while playing action games, shooters and other games.

Game Mode

Competitive brand designs support a mode for perfect console compatibility. It optimizes the performance of the processor and forms the optimal set of parameters for the game.

Benefits of Samsung’s Game Mode:

  • optimization of picture quality,
  • sound improvement,
  • clarity of transfer of movements,
  • minimum input delay.

LG’s Game Mode turns your TV into a gaming monitor. When enabled, all hardware resources are used to reduce latency and improve graphics quality.


Among the developments of Samsung, there are more gaming TVs, the price range is wider. There are even budget models up to $ 500. Many devices are from the middle category. Top-end 8K models with state-of-the-art “stuffing” are also available. These can be used for commercial purposes – for example, in gaming areas on the territory of a shopping center or in clubs for gamers.

LG’s designs are predominantly expensive. Their high cost is due to the fact that large OLED matrices are used for manufacturing, the production of which is complex and costly.


The developments of both brands are equally noteworthy. Samsung devices should be chosen by fans of the branded ecosystem. If you already have a washing machine or refrigerator with smart functions at home, the TV set can become a convenient hub for managing them.

Users who do not like Samsung’s design solutions or software should take a closer look at LG TVs.

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