Who is Kuroki?

Kuro “KuroKy” Salehi Takhasomi is a 26-year-old professional Dota 2 player from Germany (Iranian by origin) and a member of Team Liquid. The main signature heroes of the player are Nyx Assasin, Rubick and Visage. You can find out the odds and place bets on the game Team Liquid and KuroKy at… We will tell you what was the path of Kuroki to the top of his esports career.

The dawn of an esports career

Kuro’s professional performances began with World Eaters back in 2006. 13 years ago, they won the competition from, but soon the team broke up before they could start new competitions. Then Kuroky joined Mousesports in 2008. However, the team also could not achieve success for a long time, although the roster had a chance to win at MYM Prime Defending, MYM themselves did not allow the Kuroky team to crush them.

As part of Mousesports, Kuro also made it to The International 2012, as the main squad player ComeWithMe faced the problem of obtaining a visa and was unable to travel. Kuroky was invited as a replacement for the retired player, and later joined the main squad after the departure of ComeWithMe and his teammate 1437.

First trophies for Kuro

The first big trophy for Kuro Salehi Takhasomi was the game as part of The GD-B Team at SLTV StarSeries Season Three, where on October 21, 2012, the team together with Kuroky, although they lost to Team Empire with a score of 0: 2, took a worthy third place and received modest prize money of $ 2.5 thousand.

Kuro also managed to play Natus Vincere, which at about the same time was gaining momentum and invited him and Funn1k to replace ARS-ART, who went to the bears in Virtus.Pro and LightofHeaven, who took two months off. As part of Natus Vincere, Kuroki has repeatedly won first places in various tournaments. NaVi alone had nine championships in the period 2013-2014, and among the tournaments were such a level as Dota 2 Champion’s League Season 2, SLTV Star Series Season Eight, SLTV StarSeries Season Seven.

Changing teams and finding a place for yourself

After a series of unsuccessful performances at the end of 2014, KuroKy left Natus Vincere in 2014 and then joined Team Secret along with other legendary players – s4, BigDaddy, Fly and another former Na’Vi player, Puppey. After joining the team, he played only in the first position, but with the arrival of Arteezy, he again switched to the support role. As part of Team Secret, Kuro won a number of victories, winning ESL One Frankfurt 2015, The Summit 3, MarsTV Dota 2 League and Red Bull Battle Grounds 2015. And after the victory, in August 2015, Kuro announced that he was leaving the team and intends to start forming a new roster in cooperation with FATA-.

Its composition

Shortly after leaving Team Secret, Kuro formed a new team 5Jungz, in which he became the captain. It also includes JerAx, FATA-, MATUMBAMBAN and MinD ContRoL. Later, most of them were signed by Team Liquid. However, before that, in August 2015, the newly minted team managed to win the modest Alienware Summer’s End Cup with a score of 2: 0 against the Golden Boys.

Team Liquid

Kuro is currently playing for Team Liquid as the captain, playing in positions 4 and 5. The Liquids managed to win The International 2017, EPICENTER 2017, DreamLeague Season 7 and a number of prestigious tournaments, which Kuro and his team are unlikely to stop at.

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