Why is it worth watching the matches of regional tournaments?

There are not many interesting matches on the professional scene now. However, the new DPC season still needs to be watched at least in order to place bets on the site.… If this argument is not decisive, then another motivation can be found, although regional tournaments have not yet attracted much attention. However, real fans of “Dota 2” even now can name several specific arguments in favor of watching their favorite game, which we will talk about today.

Custom roles for characters

Professional players are forced to come up with interesting new strategies in order to somehow surprise their opponents. At the same time, the brightest and most memorable surprises always happened in the decisive matches. In particular, the “OG” team often chose IO for the first position in the victorious World Championship. The team “Secret”, in turn, played with Weaver on the five, and “Aster” – picked Brumaster to the center line. Of course, all of the above ideas were initially tested in the training mode, but only in tournaments could you feel their true effectiveness. Many players, whose level of individual skill is far from ideal, are unlikely to appreciate such experiments. True, if you are guided exclusively by common sense, not paying attention to generally accepted standards, then you can try:

  1. OD in 3 and 4 positions;
  2. Grimstroka or Pooja on the center line;
  3. MK in 5th position.

All of the above combinations with a role change for certain characters can theoretically be seen in the next official matches. Moreover, the imagination of real professionals is much more developed than experts and analysts assume, so surprises should be expected from any team, especially at the start of the tournament, when the burden of responsibility does not weigh on the shoulders.

Adaptation of the leaders of the world ranking

As a rule, after the next Dota 2 update, the situation always develops according to a similar scenario: the weaker teams that are forced to participate in the qualifiers are the first to show their strategists, and the strong teams are engaged only in correcting errors, partly using other people’s best practices. It is not worth criticizing for such an approach to business, since the leaders of the world rating sometimes have enough “pure” class to beat the outsider. Moreover, there are teams that do not feel any resistance for a certain period of time, regardless of the level of their opponents. For example, last season the team “Secret” dominated for a long time. The Europeans showed an outrageous game until they lost their motivation.

At the same time, the team perfectly adapted to the new patches, which allowed them to act in a variety of ways, alternating planned aggression with slow play in the usual 4 + 1 scheme. Of course, this or that strategy was tailored for specific characters. If it was necessary to play aggressively, Amber began to rush around the map from the first minutes, and more greedy heroes used the open space to collect money in the forest and on the lane. Thus, a certain balance was maintained in the game, due to which the team could seize the initiative right in the course of the match, even in those cases when there was practically no chance of winning. With the update, the assortment of effective heroes has become even more diverse, so it will be very interesting to see how Secret players take advantage of the new opportunities.

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