Why online games are useful?

The opinion is quite popular in society today that online games undermine the health of young people. They say that they sit for days at the computer, depriving themselves of active movement, live communication, which adversely affects not only, but physical, but also mental health. In general, it is difficult to disagree with this, but any coin has two sides. Let’s try to figure out the benefits of online games.

Play is a great teacher

Recent research clearly shows that people tend to repeat the actions for which they are rewarded and to avoid the things for which the punishment comes. Online games reward those players who think logically and try to understand the actions of other players. For example, in the popular shooter PUBG, players who analyze the actions and positioning of opponents always win. On the other hand, impulsively acting people who do not want to interact in a team are losing. Thus, games teach logic and interaction.

The effectiveness of the training depends on the feedback received. The clearer and faster the feedback comes, the faster the person learns. Online games are ideal in this regard – punishments and rewards here “fly in” instantly, having a positive effect on the learning process.

Games develop math skills

Many schoolchildren and even college students are rather weak in mathematics. Gaps made in school remain holes for life. Even worse, many teenagers do not even have the desire to improve mathematics: “Who needs it at all?”

However, playing, for example, in Replay Poker young people quickly realize that poker cannot go far without math. Poker winners quickly grasp the importance of this skill and apply it successfully in the game. Lasers, on the other hand, are not able to carry out the simplest calculations.

Online games develop logical thinking

Instead of using logical reasoning, many of us often act in life on the basis of poor assumptions, rely on intuition, or do emotionally driven actions.

Games, especially strategic games such as “Heroes of Might and Magicians”Teach us to respect and actively apply logic. Without logical reasoning in the game, you will surely fail. Often not having a complete understanding of the strength of opponents, players have to build sentences based on the available information, which trains the use of logic and abstract thinking.

Games develop your concentration skills

The first rule for solving various kinds of problems, both in the game and in real life, is to obtain the necessary information. Lack of the right information can lead you to costly mistakes. Online games improve your ability to collect such information, especially your concentration skills. All players have repeatedly faced situations where they lost sight of important details or signals, which led them to defeat. Games perfectly train attention management and concentration.

Online games teach you patience

Most modern people are rather impatient, which often hurts them in everyday life. They buy things on credit so as not to wait for payday or chase after immediate gain, losing in the long run.

Online games are a great way to train your patience. Waiting for the right situation or opponents to make mistakes in order to take timely action is the key to victory. One of the most important rules in online multiplayer games is to be patient.

Games train discipline

Many people often lack discipline and are prone to impulsive behavior that often leads to devastating consequences. All successful esports players, on the other hand, are extremely disciplined.

Discipline is the key to success not only in games, but in any kind of activity, so it is extremely important to train this skill.

Games teach you how to adapt to changing conditions

People rarely ask the question: “How has the situation changed at the moment.” They behave the same in every situation. The game, on the other hand, forces people to constantly adapt to changing situations, it is never static. In a seemingly winning situation, your game opponents can make unusual moves and turn the game over.

The ability to adapt to changing situations in the game is easily translated into real life. And this is extremely important, since humanity is changing itself and the world around it at an extraordinary speed.

As a conclusion, we can conclude that online games contribute to the development of many qualities and skills. But in everything you need to know when to stop – you should not spend 24 hours playing the game. Instead, sometimes it will be much more useful to take a walk in the park or read useful literature.

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