Despotism download torrent (latest version)

Download Despotism download torrent (latest version)
for PC

Download Despotism download torrent (latest version)
for Free

Download Despotism download torrent (latest version)

Despotism download torrent (latest version)
Download for PC

Despotism download torrent (latest version)

Free Download Despotism download torrent (latest version)

Despotism download torrent (latest version)
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Despotism is a strategy simulator with a fantasy theme. The plot is saturated with black humor and will reveal the distant future, where machines and artificial intelligence have defeated humanity. They made them slaves, and in general sometimes even more humiliating things than slavery. Fortunately, all this is positive, because you have to play for artificial intelligence and he had a chance to break away on these miserable people who thought they were the rulers of the planet. The player needs to control people so that they help to extract the necessary energy resource for the needs of a robotic empire. It is important to understand that the game shows satirical and black humor. It is necessary to manage special factories and mining enterprises, where hundreds of people work, miserable and weak people who can hardly cope with the work. Therefore, they need to be motivated to act, and you can use both the stick and the carrot at your discretion. It is important that they do not die from processing or starvation, well, at least not all of them. Those who are too weak are always fashionable to send for recycling. The game has several levels, as well as an exciting story company with a variety of tasks. There is also a free game and other modes with settings.

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Game Information

Year of issue: 2018
Genre: Indie, Strategy
Developer: Konfa Games
Version: v1.2.17 Complete (Latest)
Interface language: English, Russian
Tablet: Present

Minimum system requirements

Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10
RAM: 512MB
Video card: Intel HD Graphics 3000
Hard Disk Memory: 200Mb

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