1C Entertainment To Release Brutal Retro Thriller Diluvian Ultra This Fall

Players will try on the role of the prince of the undead Attila, whose centuries-old dream was dared to be disturbed by uninvited guests.

1C Entertainment will become the publisher of the old-school project of the Czech studio Cresthelm Studios. Players will take on the role of Atilla to drive the invaders from the tomb ship and find out what prompted the strangers to invade the domain of the Prince of the Dead.

The gameplay of Diluvian Ultra is based on blood, death and a double damage system, and the progression will be provided by mystical stones, to which the Prince will donate blood to improve his abilities.

The developers specify that death in the game is not the end, but only the door to a new incarnation, but Attila will feel more and more hungry each time. If he is slain at the moment when the mind is seized with a thirst for blood, Attila will die completely.

Diluvian Ultra is scheduled to release in Fall 2022 in Early Access, and the demo will be available on June 13th during the Steam Next Fest!

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