A Borderlands fan made an amazing nightstand with Handsome Jack and Claptrap


Claptrap and Handsome Jack are perhaps the most recognizable characters in Borderlands, making them the perfect pair to create a piece of furniture.

Claptrap has been a part of the Borderlands franchise since its inception, and the character was the first NPC that players would talk to when getting off the bus after the original Borderlands intro. Since then, he has appeared in every game, even Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. As for Handsome Jack, the villain from Borderlands 2 is arguably the most written character in the series, with some even considering him one of the best antagonists in gaming due to his deep backstory and unique personality. This couple represent the series well and deserve respectful fan art and player creations.

Furniture with Claptrap and Handsome Jack has been placed on Reddit fan named Ornery_Maintenance_2. Taking the form of a nightstand, the furniture was actually a collaborative effort between a redditor and his wife, with the former making the top of the nightstand and the latter making the drawers. Unsurprisingly, the post did well on Reddit, garnering over 1,800 upvotes. Many commenters also said that they want to have their own Borderlands furniture and that the design looks like official merchandise.

The top of the nightstand features Handsome Jack in all his glory, drawn in the style shown in the Borderlands 2 intro cinematic. The artist creates a hand-drawn look, while the Vault symbol and blood splatter add quality to the design. However, part of the design of the Claptrap combined into three drawers deserves the same praise.

A closer look at the furniture reveals a few more clever touches, such as the bullet holes on the right side of the furniture. However, the real star of the show is the top drawer handle, which serves as Claptrap’s eye. Borderlands 2 fans will remember the opening moments of the game when Claptrap’s eye was stolen, and the nightstand makes it look like that eye has fallen out again. With so many amazing details, the furniture is truly amazing, showing just how creative some gamers can be.

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