A character in Stormvale Castle is stealing runes from Elden Ring players.


Elden Ring is a game created by Hidetaka Miyazaki and a great company FromSoftware, so you should always expect something terrible to happen to you at any moment. Going in the wrong direction after exiting the tutorial area can get you hit by the Tree Guardian, as well as other equally unexpected situations. And now it turned out that there is even an NPC who, after death, will steal runes from you, a version of souls in Elden Ringwhich could make him the biggest criminal in the history of the series.

As you make your way to Stormvale Castle, you may encounter a character named Gatekeeper Gostok. He will advise you not to enter the castle through the main gate, but to take a safer side path. He also acts as a merchant and sells you various crafting items and materials. In general, nothing out of the ordinary when it comes to NPCs in a game from FromSoftware.

Most players would never suspect Gatekeeper Gostok of being a terrible person unless you happen to walk into a certain room, but now we know the full extent of his crimes. When you die and your runes remain on the ground, you may notice that they have become a little less. This is because this mistake of nature comes running after your death and steals 10% of them.

This discovery was made one of the users subreddit Elden Ring. They figured out that every time you throw a rune at Stormveil, that NPC takes a piece for himself. The amount they take is so small that you may not even realize that you are being robbed. 10% may not seem like much, but losing that many runes can prevent you from getting the extra level or upgrade you want. And Gostok must pay for this.

Usually killing NPCs in games of the series is not a good idea, but in the case of the gatekeeper Gostok, a special exception can be made.

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