A collection of remixes of music from popular games has been released

The author of the compilation is Ben Briggs, musician and DJ, streamer, founder of the Tiny Waves project and audio director of The Completionist series of humorous short films.

“VGM Essentials: Ben Briggs is the culmination of almost two decades of my personal experience remixing video game music and EDM production, and over a decade of friendship with people in the industry. Each song presented is extremely close and dear to my heart and my childhood, as well as the hearts and childhood of my colleagues.

— Ben Briggs

The collection includes the following tracks:

  • Ben Briggs, RoboRob – Frog’s Theme (Chrono Trigger)
  • Ben Briggs, Mega Flare – Do It Now! (Killer Instinct)
  • Ben Briggs, Vector U – Dragon Roost Island (Zelda: Wind Waker)
  • Ben Briggs, Baircave – Hot Top Volcano (Diddy Kong Racing)
  • Ben Briggs, nokbient – Hazy Maze Cave (Super Mario 64)
  • Ben Briggs, Catmosphere – Get Athletic (Yoshi’s Island)
  • Ben Briggs, Bolide – Reach for the StarsSonic Colors)
  • Ben BriggsSuper Mario Galaxy)
  • Ben BriggsSuper Mario Galaxy)
  • Ben Briggs, VGR – Honey Hive feat. Doug PerrySuper Mario Galaxy)
  • Ben Briggs, arthur x medic – Galaxy Reactor (Super Mario Galaxy)
  • Ben Briggs, Besso0 – Rosalina’s Observatory (Super Mario Galaxy)

You can listen to it for free by going to link

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