A Fallout 4 fan has built a PC with a unique design in the style of the terminal from the game

A big fan of Fallout 4 and part-time engineer Penk Chen from Taiwan has assembled a truly unique PC. He managed to create a working computer, the design of which was inspired by the terminals from Fallout. In it you can find all the signature features of retrofuturism, including a rounded small display and a keyboard built into the case.

Chen built a PC based on a $450 Framework motherboard. The screen and keyboard cost the enthusiast much less. According to him, he independently designed the case and printed it on a 3D printer. In total, Chen spent over $700 on a Fallout 4-style PC.

The PC is equipped with the Ubuntu version 22.04 LTS operating system. You won’t be able to run modern games on it, but it can run some undemanding programs and retro projects.

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