A fan drew a huge detailed map of the entire “Continent” from The Witcher


User Varghedin in the Witcher community on Reddit has published a complete map of the Continent from the world of The Witcher.

Continent is a term used to describe the part of the world known to the Nords to which the First Landing took them. It is part of Neverland, and the phrase world of the Continent is also often used to describe the entire world-planet.

Varghedin drew the map in the Wonderdraft drawing program and based it on the map of Abraham Ortelius (cartographer, author of the first modern type of geographical atlas in history). Made some adjustments, additions and detailing.

I included details from The Witcher 3 maps and added a few extras from the series. Instead of taking 2/3 of the map to Nilfgaard, I focused on individual provinces and left Nilfgaard in its main imperial province.

Link to full –


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