A fan of The Last of Us showed a hyper-realistic portrait of Joel, which he painted with charcoal

A fan of the first The Last of Us and an artist named NabeelaTheArtist decided to capture his favorite character in a rather unusual way. An enthusiast drew a detailed portrait of Joel, which was created using ordinary charcoal. The author recorded the entire process of creating a unique drawing on video.

According to NabeelaTheArtist, he really did not use the usual colors. Now he wants to improve his skills as an artist, so he decided to use charcoal for the portrait. This approach made it possible to create an extremely realistic appearance of the protagonist of The Last of Us. Dark shades perfectly emphasized the depth of Joel’s face and his wrinkles.

It took the author more than 150 hours and a huge amount of effort to make the portrait of Joel, but the end result fully justifies it.

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