A God of War fan made an ancient Greek-style amphora by hand


During the passage of the God of War series, players have repeatedly encountered ancient Greek amphorae as part of the game’s scenery. In the early parts, they were especially common, but one of them could also be found in God of War 2018, which appeared as an easter egg. One of the fans of the game decided to recreate a simple reference in real life. User with nickname _Azweape_ done an exact copy of the vase where the main character of the franchise was depicted.

According to the enthusiast, he made the amphora using a 3D printer and manually processed it. _Azweape_ had to first make a detailed 3D model, and after printing, recreate the texture of the ceramics and artificially age the vase.

The crafter is going to sell both the 3D model and the amphora itself. The model can be purchased for only 15 euros, but the fully finished product will cost 60 dollars.

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