A group of US attorneys general launched an investigation against TikTok

The attorneys general of eight US states, including Massachusetts, California, Florida and Kentucky, decided to investigate the activities of the TikTok service. They want to find out if its appearance and the way it is promoted could negatively affect the well-being of children, teens and young adults.

Children and adolescents are increasingly facing issues of anxiety, social pressure and depression. Social media cannot be allowed to harm their physical and mental well-being, says Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healy. Attorneys general have a responsibility to protect young people and to do so, to learn more about the impact companies like TikTok have on people’s daily lives.

The investigation will focus on the “methods and techniques” that TikTok is using to increase engagement and time spent on younger users.

Connecticut Attorney General William Tong says “reckless viral calls” on TikTok are a big problem. The investigation will look at what the company knew about the risks to children and what they were doing to keep children in the service.

Last year, a whistleblower reported that Facebook knew exactly how bad Instagram was for the mental health of teenage girls. However, the company ignored its own internal research. Facebook denies this, but the development of Instagram for children has been halted.

This issue was even mentioned in the address on the state of affairs in the country. US President Biden has called for increased legal and regulatory protections for young people online and to hold social media accountable for a nationwide experiment being conducted on children for profit.

Another news related to TikTok speaks to the dissatisfaction of many users with the increase in the maximum length of uploaded videos to 10 minutes. They believe that this is how TikTok becomes like YouTube.

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