A Halo 4 fan made a life-size statue of Cortana out of paper


Halo 4 is a monumental piece of the series’ history, delivering very poignant and poignant images of the Master Chief and Cortana that have become highlights of the game.

One fan managed to capture a highly detailed version of Cortana from Halo 4 as a life-size paper statue. An image collection created by Reddit user sirtankball and posted to the Halo subreddit shows a very detailed statue of Cortana, remarkably standing in the kitchen – those who played Halo 4 know what Cortana struggled with during that game’s campaign.

According to sirtankball, the statue took about two weeks to complete, though he did not provide more details on how it was created. He admits that Cortana’s face doesn’t look quite right for him due to the low poly. Cortana’s design in Halo 4 is one of her most detailed looks, so the polygon reduction naturally prevented her from being fully detailed.

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