A Hungarian photographer recreates the world of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt in Lego


The Lego series continues to engulf the Witcher universe. Not so long ago, one of the enthusiasts made a fan-made set based on the Netflix series, and now a photographer from Hungary with the nickname BrickPanda82 has shared his version of the Lego set. Unlike the previous author, BrickPanda82 was inspired by the latest game from CD Projekt RED.

The user managed to create an extremely realistic kit of the designer, although in fact he used digital models and Photoshop.

BrickPanda82 recreated the canonical image of the protagonist of the game series and his faithful companion – Roach. The enthusiast did not stop at simple modeling of Lego-style figures, he thought of virtual locations that will be familiar to players of The Witcher series.

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