A major update for Sifu will appear in May, and another patch will be released next week


Looks like a fresh update is planned for next week. Sifu, which will improve the game! In addition to this, Sloclap confirmed the first major update Sifudue out in May this year. Check out the full details below.

News about the upcoming major update comes through the official account Sifu on Twitter, where it was reported that the game will receive a new free skin for owners deluxe edition sometime in May along with a major update, and the dev team is promising more outfits in future updates.

Sifu Deluxe Edition owners will receive a special gift: an exclusive outfit for the main character. It will be released along with the first major SifuGame update in early May. More information coming soon! The team will also add more outfits to Sifu in future updates. If you have ideas feel free to share! No guarantees – but we will consider all offers

On the PlayStation Game Size page on Twitter, announcing that an update will be released next week.

While not officially confirmed, PlayStation Game Size is very reliable in terms of updates, fixes and file sizes, so it’s almost a guarantee that we’ll see a patch. Sifu next week.

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