A new story mission has been added to Warface

During the PvE mission “Canyon: Invasion”, a team of three players will have to break into a top-secret base where clones of Oberon and SEDs are produced.

At the first stage of the mission, the detachment, disguised as Blackwood fighters, needs to infiltrate the territory of the base, trying not to make too much noise, and advance to the storage of the sadrium.

In the intro, it is important for the team to focus on stealth, but then they will have to move on to open encounter. As players progress, they will fight with an improved SED, as well as destroy the heavy equipment of the Warface and Blackwood factions.

The Canyon: Invasion PvE story mission was released as part of the New Power season that started in September, along with which a redesigned modification system and the Checkpoint PvP map appeared in Warface.

The update with the new mission is already available in the PC version of Warface on Steam, the Epic Games Store and VK Play.

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