A new video from the canceled action from the third person Star Wars 1313 appeared on the network


Star Wars 1313 is a famous canceled game set in a galaxy far, far away as it was close to completion and launch until its untimely cancellation in 2013. Bounty Hunters has always maintained a high level of popularity thanks to characters like Boba Fett, but The Mandalorian and Boba Fett’s Book also boosted fan interest in the product.

Star Wars 1313 began with players taking control of an unknown bounty hunter being killed by Boba Fett. Players will control Boba Fett throughout the game. The number “1313” refers to the sublevel of Coruscant that Boba Fett is investigating, as well as the alibi he used during the Clone Wars under the name CT-1313.

YouTube user FuZaH has posted a new video showing almost 3 minutes of gameplay from Star Wars 1313. In the video, we were shown the gameplay for Boba Fett, since the plot of Star Wars 1313 told the story of the formation of Boba Fett in the game there would be no familiar Jedi attributes (Forces, lightsabers) – only weapons and gadgets of mercenaries.

Perhaps Lucasfilm Games still wants to revive the project, or do something similar.

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