A screenshot from Red Dead Redemption 2 helped a player win Virtual Photographer of the Year at the London Games Festival


The London Games Festival has just chosen the best virtual photographer of the year. Joe Meizis received the highest marks in the competition for his stunning rock cliffs in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Photography contests have become a real gem of the London Games Festival. The standards of last year were high, but this year our work has really raised the bar. A great combination of creativity was shown, not only in the images presented, but also in post-production. We are very happy that we were able to share with all our work and are already looking forward to next year!.

The London Games Festival is described as “the world’s largest celebration of video games and interactive entertainment”. In 2019, the festival will “cover 40 events across the city over 12 days and over 400 games” and in 2020 it will be “a groundbreaking online event that will generate millions in profits for gaming companies and promote more than 1,000 digital meetings. The festival’s mission is to “make London the gaming capital of the world”.

The virtual photography competition “challenged emerging artists to capture the most vivid images made in video games to bring these worlds and characters to life.” The event was dedicated to “a new artistic environment for virtual photography, where creators can bring video game design and virtual worlds to life.” From a stunning landscape to an intimate portrait, from a candid street to abstract architecture, or from historical to sci-fi.”

Contestants were asked to submit entries in one of three different categories. They included abstraction, portrait and landscape. Pictures could be taken on any platform. The post-production technique was “allowed but not required”. The winner of the contest, Meizis, used a post-processing technique to “enhance the vibrant reds and oranges of the striking desert shot.”

Meizies took home a laptop “specially designed for emerging artists with cutting-edge graphics technology and state-of-the-art drivers to unleash the potential of today’s most creative applications.” The winning image above was selected by Nvidia Studio and The Fourth Focus.

You can see the works of other finalists here

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