A small number of players in Battlefield 2042 allowed one player to become the owner of an entire region


Battlefield 2042 has been experiencing player-count issues for some time now, as the game’s launch has gone horribly wrong. In one of the regions where there are especially few Battlefield 2042 players, one player has effectively become the owner of the entire region.

Older or less popular multiplayer games are generally not easy for South African gamers to play, as the number of players in the region is much smaller than in North America and Europe. These players are usually forced to play on European servers with much higher pings, however Battlefield games usually have a strong South African community.

Unfortunately, the low player count of Battlefield 2042 has even caused the tight-knit South African gaming community to falter recently. One South African gamer recently said in a post on Reddit, that the only way for South African players to find a game with decent ping is to look for games in Portal mode. This means that whoever organizes the game for the evening first has full control over the games in the region.

While annoying, this is not something the South African market hasn’t been used to in years. Problems start to arise when the server owner decides to become judge, jury and executioner for anyone who doesn’t listen to him, forbidding these gamers from playing on the only server they can play on with decent ping.

This could soon become a problem in other outback regions as well if the drop in Battlefield 2042 player numbers continues. At the end of November last year, Farming Simulator 22 had more players on Steam than Battlefield 2042. At the time it was reported, Battlefield 2042 had about 50,000 players based on a 30-day average, whereas now The game averages less than 6,000 players.

These low numbers are likely the reason why EA didn’t report Battlefield 2042 sales during its quarterly investor meeting. The company appears to be making very little revenue from the game in its current state, which is likely one of the main reasons for the free-to-play rumors.

Problems with the game and a low number of players have prompted some Battlefield 2042 players to create a petition demanding a refund. While it’s unlikely to happen, the petition currently has over 11,000 signatures, which shows just how unhappy Battlefield fans are with the state of the game.

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