According to an insider, Need for Speed ​​2022 will have photorealistic graphics and numerous body customizations


Insider and journalist Jeff Grubb is back talking about the next chapter in the series. Need for Speed, and after speculating that the game will arrive in November exclusively on PS5 and Xbox Series X next-gen consoles | S as well as PC, he discussed the setting and graphic style chosen Criterion Games.

According to the latest information, Need for Speed ​​2022 will introduce photorealistic graphics, but with some “anime elements”, which will help make the overall visual action more alive.

“The game will have photorealistic graphics, but it will also have anime elements. You know when you see an ad for a car but then the flames from cartoons and stuff fly away? This is the aesthetic they seem to be looking for.”

Grubb also confirmed that the game will once again have Autolog, an in-game social network through which you can access online multiplayer arcade racing content and that cars can be customized in numerous body parts. Finally, an insider stated that the game would be set in a fictional version of Chicago called Lake Shore City.

According to further rumors released by insider Tom Henderson, Codemasters Cheshire is collaborating on the development of Need for Speed ​​2022.

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