According to fan theory, there will be news related to God of War: Ragnarok this week


According to a rather bizarre theory circulating on Twitter and Reddit, news related to God of War Ragnarok could hit this week, which marks the fourth anniversary of God of War’s release.

Let’s take a step back to March 20, when Corey Barlog disappeared from social media, his account was deactivated and his profile became inaccessible. No explanation has been given for what happened, but we know that according to Twitter policy, the owner of a profile that has been voluntarily deactivated has 30 days to restore it back. So the deadline will be Wednesday April 20th, which also marks the fourth anniversary of God of War’s release on PS4. Can they be related? Will Barlog return to social media this week and announce the exact even release of the next God of War game, perhaps April 20th?

As already mentioned, this is just a theory, an assumption with no real basis, but it is absolutely certain that with the release of God of War Ragnarok scheduled for 2022, Sony will have to start an advertising campaign in the spring and summer in order to have at least six months to promote a major release of this level.

Sony is currently not planning any events and we don’t know if there will be news of a God of War sequel this week or not. God of War Ragnarok will be Sony’s last PS4 game, according to one rumor, although there are likely other smaller PlayStation Studios titles planned for the old generation console.

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