According to the developers, Ghostwire Tokyo combines all the cool elements of the city into a sandbox


Before release Ghostwire Tokyoscheduled for March 25, is less than a month away, and the developer Tango Gameworks expands the flow of information about the action adventure game.

The latest issue of EDGE Magazine features interviews with some of the key developers, such as Ghostwire Tokyo development manager Masato Kimura, who highlighted the developers’ goal of mixing the coolest elements of the Japanese capital into the game. Kimura also said that making the game only for the next generation (PS5 and PC under a temporary exclusive deal with Bethesda Softworks) helped a lot during development.

The game uses basically all the cool elements of Tokyo – we kind of squeezed them all and grouped them into a sandbox that would fit in our game. There are many different parts of Tokyo that are very coolly connected to each other. This is a very high contrast. What’s new, what’s old – it’s all sort of mixed, but not completely mixed. They are side by side. The smooth exploration we can do on this fairly large map is only possible thanks to the PlayStation 5’s SSD, memory, and processing power, and we’re very grateful for that.

Elsewhere in the interview, Masato Kimura spoke about the Ghostwire Tokyo fights, once again praising the DualSense controller’s features. In addition, he outlined the elementary shot system.

With the DualSense controller, you can feel the energy build up when you pull the core and release when you squeeze it. We don’t see this in other games – the feeling that you track these actions with hand gestures.

You have three main types of ether elemental shots that you can use. One of them is wind and it acts like a gun that you fire multiple shots from and there is water which has a wider range so gamers will understand it is more of a shotgun type weapon. The fire causes explosions, much like a rocket launcher.

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