According to the report, EA management tried to sell the company, Disney was involved in the deal

In a rather turbulent period for the gaming industry, in which Activision-Blizzard was acquired by Microsoft, Bungie went under the wing of Sony, and Square-Enix sold part of its studios to Embracer Group, there was an interesting report about Electronic Arts and the alleged attempted sale by management.

The EA story comes from a Comcast CEO trying to spin off NBCUniversal and merge it with publisher Electronic Arts, according to a new report. It appears that EA was in favor of the change and was also seriously considering merging with Disney, Apple and Amazon. Several sources who have been informed during negotiations between the entertainment and tech giants say EA has been pushing hard for the sale, and that readiness has been further strengthened by the deal between Microsoft and Activision. Others say EA is primarily interested in a merger that would allow Andrew Wilson to remain CEO of the combined company. Representatives for Disney, Apple and Amazon declined to comment.

According to the leaked information, Wilson considered Disney an ideal candidate for a possible merger. Electronic Arts approached the company in March looking for what sources called “more meaningful relationshipthan just licensing deals. Disney, however, decided not to continue the conversation as CEO Robert Capek preferred to focus on other strategic goals such as expensive rights to the Indian Premier League. Of course, in the absence of comments from interested parties, we cannot consider the reported information to be reliable.

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