Activist screenwriter left development of Knights of the Old Republic remake because she didn’t like the original


Almost immediately after the official announcement of the remake of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, many fans were overshadowed by the news of a collaboration with an ardent female activist, Sam Maggs. As many then suggested, she would take over as lead writer and introduce a modern “agenda” into the original story. Players can take a breath, Sam Maggs has already left development and played a very minor role during the development of the game.

Sam Maggs herself announced her departure from the project in a personal blog. The girl claims that she left the development of the remake back in 2021, having managed to work for only 9 months. According to an insider under the nickname MrMattyPlays, the role of the activist was insignificant. She was doing more technical work as a writer, without having access to global edits and changing the story of the original game.

Players on social networks were inspired by such news. They are glad that the project was left by an employee who did not like the original source at all.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is due out on PlayStation 5 and will eventually make its way to PC.

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