ADATA will showcase its new products in the virtual metaverse

The show will feature next-generation DDR5 memory modules from ADATA and XPG, solid state drives, gaming gadgets and more.

The MERAVERSE Metaverse’s XTREME Gaming Zone will feature the newly released XPG ALPHA Red Dot Design Award-winning wireless gaming mouse, balancing form and function with an emphasis on ergonomics.

Also on display will be the XPG VAULT Gaming Mouse, an innovative concept product with a built-in 1TB SSD and XPG Game Launcher to save game data to the mouse, allowing users to play on multiple PCs.

The XTREME MODDING section will feature the latest XPG gaming accessories, including the XPG CYBERCORE platinum-certified power supply; XPG VENTO PRO 120 PWM fan equipped with double Japanese-made ball bearings from Nidec; XPG BATTLECRUISER PRO gaming case; Latest XPG SSDs supporting PCIe Gen5 x4 interface; XPG SLAYER RGB DDR5 and XPG CASTER RGB DDR5 RAM.

In the XTREME STYLE zone, XPG will showcase the XPG STARKER AIR Mid-Tower ATX case with an innovative dust filter, magnetic front panels and excellent ventilation, as well as a range of accessories that include the latest limited edition XPG MERA EDITION GEAR gaming peripherals such as headsets , mice and mouse pads, and a special XPG MAGE keyboard from MERA in a unique design and color scheme. In addition, the XPG PRECOG S gaming headset equipped with 50mm drivers will be on display, the XPG SLINGSHOT gaming mouse and the XPG BATTLEGROUND L MERA mouse pad will debut.

The Content Creator Zone will offer users the new ADATA ACE DDR5 memory series, which will be available in two flavors, including a 6400MT/s DDR5 module and a 3600MT/s DDR4 module. The latest SSD LEGEND 960 and LEGEND 850 are also available here, which support PCIe 4 and provide constant read and write speeds up to 7400/6800 MB/s and 5000/4500 MB/s, respectively.

The ADATA x XPG 2022 MERAVERSE event will run until September 15th. You can visit it by following the link

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