Added tutorial cave tooltip to Elden Ring


Learning in Elden Ring is somewhat easily overlooked by new players, but it seems that FromSoftware is aiming to change that with today’s update. The new patch has added a tutorial tooltip that explains to jump into the tutorial cave.

FromSoftware fans have long loved the studio’s esoteric game design, which requires players to figure out pretty much everything through trial and error, but Elden Ring offers a solid sweet spot with features that make the game a little more accessible.

This includes a larger collection of explanatory text boxes than ever before, and even a full blown tutorial section that explains core mechanics through a mixture of text and gameplay.

Known as the “Cave of Knowledge,” the surprisingly detailed (at least for a soul game) guide tells players how to do things like counterattack, stealth, and use weapon skills. FromSoftware veterans may notice that the tutorial rehashes some of the things they’ve known for ten years, but it’s a vital part of the experience for beginners.

The Cave of Knowledge is located in the Lost Graveyard at the start of the game. It can be accessed by descending into the pit next to the ghost NPC in the chair, which hints at the tutorial below. However, many seem to have skipped the hole entirely, or opted not to jump into the dark hole.

Although the 1.04 patch notes don’t mention it, FromSoftware has quietly added a new automatic text box that appears when players approach the pit, which explains that the tutorial is below.

The Elden Ring 1.04 update also includes many bug fixes and performance improvements, buffs to huge weapons and some magic spells, and several new event phases for Patchwork.

Apart from that, there is another hidden fix regarding the fastest rune farming until now. The crow in the Mogvin Palace has been fixed, now it does not fall into the abyss.

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