Addition about the living dead for Prison Architect is already on sale

This time, players will have to cope with a dangerous epidemic and save the lives of their prisoners.

The Undead add-on brings a survival element to the game, challenging the most experienced jailers. Placing a graveyard will add spooky flavor to your prison, but you’ll have to deal with the hordes of undead that pour in from there.

If you fail to deal with the outbreak, your prisoners will become infected and increase the size of the horde. You have to decide what to do – seek help from mercenaries or use everything at your disposal as a weapon. Upgrades are also available in the “Escape” mode, in which players will have to survive a clash with the undead and get out of prison.

Along with Undead comes Kickstand, a free update available to all players. It brings a number of additions and improvements to the game, including two new dogs, Corgis and Siberian Huskies, as well as new quick guard rooms, a kennel and parole.

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