After the scandalous video in the Senate, Tifa became an Italian celebrity, and the popularity of the author has grown many times


A week ago, an event took place that was not inferior in popularity to the news of the purchase of Activision Blizzard: the broadcast of the meeting of the Italian Senate was interrupted by the showing of a porn video with Tifa from Final Fantasy VII. The situation was so comical that even a week later, the flow of discussions, memes and fan art does not stop on social networks, but Tifa became a true Italian icon.

Many believed that it was a hacker attack, but in Twitter conducted a small investigation and found out that the senators themselves openly exchanged access data and actively advertised their meeting, so literally anyone could join them.

As for the author of the scandalous video JuicyNeko1, his popularity has grown many times over: the number of subscribers in just a week has increased from 45 thousand to 105 thousand. JuicyNeko1 himself commented dryly on the news, writing only that “Someone screwed up. Hello Italian fans.”

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