Alexander Nevsky is working on a film adaptation of “Cool Sam” with himself in the title role

Main Actor of the Multiverse Alexander Nevskiy last year received a huge flood of requests from the Internet, everyone wants him to become Serious Sam. And there is a chance it will happen.

About this Nevsky wrote on your Instagram:

“Watching all the hardness and all the negativity that the international and Russian media are now full of, I understand that it’s time to return to the development of the adventure horror #serioussam (or at least #krutoynevsky)) and add some positive!

This is the project I discussed yesterday with several international distributors during the last EFM film market!”

Nevsky describes the adaptation of the shooter series as an adventure horror that will add positivity to our lives. Serious Sam is a series of games about a tough dude who shoots down hordes of alien invaders in order to save the Earth. Recently, a DLC about Russia was released for the last part:

Want Cool Sam to say “Absolutely”?

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