All Elden Ring gods/demigods are named after George R. R. Martin’s initials


The names of all the major gods and demigods of Elden Ring begin with one of George R. R. Martin’s initials: Godfrey, Rennala, Radagon, and Marik.

George R.R. Martin, a popular fantasy author, was involved in the creation of the world of Elden Ring. He created the core of Inter-Earth and its overarching myths. Then Hidetaka Miyazaki and FromSoftware turned this world into Elden Ring.

Martin hid parts of himself in this story, but the most straightforward of them all are the names of gods that begin with one of the initials GRRM. Everyone who wears the eight Great Runes has names that begin with the letters G, R or M.

Godfrey marries Marika and their children are Godwin, Morgott and Mog. There is also Godric, a later descendant. Rennala marries Radagon and their children are Radan, Rikard, Ranni and Renna. Radagon then marries Marika and they have children Malenia and Mikella. Oh yes, there is also Maliket.

I wonder what George R. R. Martin himself has to say about this.

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