AMD FSR 2.0 Coming Soon: Impressive Performance and Image Quality


Back in June 2021 AMD launched FidelityFX Super Resolutionyour answer to zoom technology NVIDIA DLSS. Rumor has it that the company will soon announce its technology FSR2.0 the next generation that delivers impressive performance, impressive image quality, and support for GPUs from all manufacturers.

This new information comes from developer CapFrameX, who said that AMD may have shown internal test frames already, and it looks very impressive. Recall that AMD FSR technology works exclusively on the computing cores of GPUs. RDNA and does not require any AI assistance, which distinguishes it from NVIDIA DLSS technologies and Intel XeSS. AMD FSR technology is also more open source and can be incorporated into games relatively easily.

AMD also has technology Radeon Super Resolution, which works in all games and does not require developer injections to support game engines. It is likely that AMD will take what they have learned from FSR and RSR and add new improvements to the FSR code for the next generation version. Some of the features mentioned for AMD FSR 2.0 technology include:

  • Temporal scaling + optimized anti-aliasing
  • Doesn’t need AI
  • Works on GPUs from all manufacturers
  • Impressive performance and image quality
  • AMD even claims it can be better than native

The temporal scaling and optimized anti-aliasing techniques introduced in AMD FSR 2.0 will further improve image quality and performance. CapFrameX claims performance and image quality “impress“. This technology will also be adapted to GPUs from all vendors, but we don’t know if that means all GPUs or only the most recent ones. This is something the red team will really highlight during launch as Intel’s approach to XeSS is also very similar and will work on GPUs from all vendors. Finally, AMD is mentioned to state that FSR 2.0 image quality is better than native resolution.

AMD FSR 2.0 technology is said to be announced soon.

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