AMD Provides “Raphael” Zen4 Platform with Brilliant Overclocking Potential for DDR5 Memory


At AMD’s Meet The Experts event, the developers confirmed that the next generation gaming platform will have good optimizations for memory overclocking.

As soon as the processor appeared Intel Alder Lake 12th generation it became clear that the whole effect of the newest memory DDR5 still not become something out of the ordinary. This is because DDR5 is a new technology and it takes time for production lines to get to the point where they can get the most out of it. Platforms that can use this type of memory are also important.

Platforms for next generation DDR5 are already being used by the series Intel Core “Raptor Lake” 13th generationas well as AMD Zen4 Raphaelboth expected by the end of this year. But it’s worth remembering that both companies already have platforms with DDR5 support – Intel “Alder Lake” for desktop and mobile devices and AMD “Rembrandt” for laptops. Intel made a good decision to support the DDR5 and DDR4 specifications with “Alder Lake”, but it’s time for DDR5 to take the top spot as well.


While hosting the Meet The Experts webinar, Joseph Tao, memory engineering manager at AMD, said the company will issue “big splash” regarding overclocking DDR5 memory. The speed that used to be the ultimate dream – “will be put into practice.” This clearly suggests that we may finally see fast DDR5 memory that takes both platforms to the next level.

Our first DDR5 platform for gaming is “Raphael” and one of the amazing things about it is that we will really try to make a big splash in overclocking and I will say this – you probably thought it was impossible, but everything will become clear when our technical overclocking specification will be presented.

— Joseph Tao, Memory Implementation and Development Manager at AMD

Memory manufacturers are already offering speeds such as DDR5-6400, and something faster is really hard to find. Currently, these companies are focused on the mass provision of efficient frequency 7000 Mt/swhich is often mentioned in the press release for future products. Speeds are higher 8000 Mt/s are still an area of ​​extreme overclocking with liquid nitrogen. In their forward-looking statements, some brands confirm their speed plans 12600 Mt/s in the near future.

Memory Adata DDR5-12600
Memory Adata DDR5-12600

Recently it became known about AMD’s plans to develop a new technology RAMP, which is the successor to AMD A-XMP for DDR4 memory. This abbreviation stands for Ryzen Accelerated Memory Profile, and this technology will compete with Intel XMP 3.0 for DDR5 memory. RAMP profiles will store overclocking settings for AMD systems.

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