AMD Ryzen 7000 Zen4 delivers over 15% single-thread performance boost, launching this fall

Tomorrow, AMD will unveil its next-generation desktop processor series at Computex 2022 along with the X670E, X670, and B650 motherboards.

The company confirms Ryzen 7000 will support the standard PCIe Gen5as well as memory technology DDR5. socket LGA1718 maintain compatibility with coolers AM4. In addition, the rumors about the powerful TDP of individual models have been confirmed. The next generation AM5 socket will support up to 170 Whowever, specifically for which Ryzen 7000 is not mentioned.

AMD Zen4 enhancements
AMD Zen4 enhancements

AMD claims that its Zen4 core architecture will provide a performance boost of over 15% in single-threaded tasks, but there is no specific explanation of what compares to what yet, in 2 times larger – one MB cache L2 per core and maximum acceleration 5 GHz+.

Other than that, AMD has finally revealed what’s under the new heatsink. There are two 5nm Zen4 core chipset and one 6nm I/O crystal. Obviously, there is no place for a third CCD, and it is not yet possible to say exactly how this design will develop in the next generations.

AMD also confirms Zen4 desktop processor will have integrated graphics RDNA2. The fresh series of Ryzen 7000 processors is officially coming out “this autumn”but a specific date has yet to be revealed.

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