Among PC players, God of War is gaining popularity with a mod that disables the PlayStation logo at launch


The highly anticipated release of God of War on PC has been very well received. The formerly PlayStation-exclusive adventure game has topped the list of best-selling games on Steam since its release on January 14th. The success of God of War on PC has sparked a traditional trend in this market: players are starting to collect early mods. One of the most popular mods for God of War is a curious, if perhaps unsurprising, mod that allows you to skip the introductory episode with the PlayStation logo.

With just under 5,000 downloads, the Skip PlayStation Intro Video on Startup mod became the second most popular God of War mod just over a week after launch. The description of the mod is simple, it says: “Skip PlayStation Video, makes game launch faster!”. In God of War, a non-skippable PlayStation logo video appears at game launch, which publishers include as standard with most of their PC games. The mod skips the video, or at least disables it, until God of War is ready to go to the main menu.

The PlayStation intro video is just about anything, but if it can be removed with a mod, then, of course, PC gamers will remove it. One wonders why Sony didn’t initially give players the option to skip the PlayStation intro video. Perhaps because such videos cannot be missed on the console. The logo and loading sound are familiar to PlayStation gamers, regardless of generation. It may be a new platform, but that’s no reason for Sony to break with tradition.

As noted, the PlayStation intro skip mod is the second most popular mod on NexusMods. The best mod is called “Ultimate God of War Modded Starter Save” and it’s even more controversial. The Ultimate Mod changes Kratos’ model by removing his chest and arm armor simply “because it looks cool”.

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