An artist created a gorgeous Elden Ring player journal that tracks stats and highlights


The vast, strange and somewhat unsettling open world of Elden Ring is full of surprises and mysteries to uncover. Like many other open world games, Elden Ring provides players with the ability to use a map (by discovering its parts during the game) and a fast travel feature. However, exploring the world is not as easy as in other open world games, as the organization of landmarks, bosses, and NPCs is not directly indicated through the waypoint or quest marker system.

With so much to keep track of in Elden Ring, some gamers might find it helpful to create some kind of journal outside of the game. This is exactly what independent game developer and artist Steve Pickford decided to do, as he shared on Twitter. Pickford’s tweet was accompanied by a series of pen-drawn images depicting his custom character with stats, a sketch of Limgrave’s starting region, and several NPCs. Among the illustrations are some of Pickford’s thoughts on each enemy, boss, landmark or ally:

I had a great time playing Elden Ring and journaling my adventures.

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