An Elden Ring fan spent 75 hours creating an amazing drawing of Malenia


Elden Ring proved to be a huge hit for FromSoftware, quickly becoming one of the studio’s best-selling games and receiving widespread, near-universal critical acclaim. As you might guess, the incredible popularity of Elden Ring has inspired her fans to create all sorts of fan art and other creations in honor of the open world epic. Often this fan art is dedicated to certain characters and bosses in the game, such as one incredible art recently posted on Reddit user OmarvinG94.

OmarvinG94 claims to have spent 75 hours creating a drawing of Malenia, infamous for being one of the hardest bosses in the entire game. The awesome art stands out from other fan art because it doesn’t just depict one of Malenia’s forms, but showcases her at different stages of the battle, plus it’s full of easter eggs for keen fans.

Malenia appears on art several times, and both its first and second phases are represented. At the very top is Mikella, a character who never appears in the game itself, but whose “egg” can be found when they visit the Mogwin Palace. Malenia’s title is “Mikella’s Blade”, so Michella’s appearance in the picture makes sense.

One of the most hidden but most interesting details about the drawing is that it also includes the famous Let Me Solo Her player.

Those who take a closer look at the drawing elsewhere will notice several other fun Easter eggs and references that combine to make this drawing one of the most impressive Elden Ring fan art the community has shared to date.

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