An enthusiast tried to kill 99 bosses at once in Dark Souls 3


A user under the nickname Pantagana came up with a very unusual test for himself. Since Dark Souls 3 took place in a variety of ways and set several records in the speed of killing all the bosses, he decided to significantly increase their number. The enthusiast tried to kill 99 bosses of the same type in one battle at once, and he partially succeeded.

As Pantagana notes, killing such a huge number of opponents at once significantly increases the level of difficulty of all games. However, along with this, other technical difficulties are added. The developers did not provide for such an unusual challenge from the player, and the first thing the enthusiast encountered was optimization. A large number of bosses significantly squandered the performance of Dark Souls 3, causing severe FPS drops.

In addition, some arenas simply could not accommodate such a number of enemies, so the user used various mods to move the bosses to more spacious locations.

Despite the fact that during the battle, the blows of the bosses caused damage to each other, it was not always possible to kill them all. Most attacks are simply impossible to escape.

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