An insider shared interesting details of the first add-on for Resident Evil: Village


Capcom announced the development of DLC for Resident Evil: Village last summer, but so far there are no concrete details about the expansions. Verified insider Dusk Golem, who shared the first leaks from the game, uncovered interesting details of upcoming additions. Judging by his words, their development is coming to a logical conclusion or even already completed.

According to Dusk Golem, horror developers are using cut parts from Resident Evil: Village to create DLC. Capcom has dropped some elements from the game for various reasons, but with the release of the expansion, players will have a chance to see them. According to the insider, the cut assets will be significantly redone or even find a completely new use.

According to a source from Resident Evil: Village, a lot of material was cut. Several types of enemies, items, and locations did not make it to the release version of the game. By the way, some locations were almost completed, so in the DLC, first of all, it is worth waiting for a new territory.

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