An insider told more about the cut content Resident Evil: Village


Resident Evil Village is currently still set to receive DLC at some point this year. No further details have been released since then, and one can only speculate what this DLC might entail. Some fans are speculating that the Resident Evil Village DLC could follow Chris Redfield to the BSAA Headquarters, as shown in the Resident Evil Village ending trailer.

There are many areas in Resident Evil Village that could also be expanded in DLC, but only time will tell if these bosses or locations will be shown again. DLC may also provide cut content. Recently, an insider shared information that, if true, contains cut content from a single boss location in Resident Evil Village.

AestheticGamer shared some pretty substantial and specific data about the Moro area and a lot of content that was cut due to time and budget constraints in favor of reworking Dimistrikou Castle and the Heisenberg Factory.

Moro’s location was originally an open swamp similar to End of Zoe, which was pretty linear, but there were multiple paths, water or land.

Various items were scattered in the water, but the water was home to mermaid-like enemies. In the water, they could quickly swim to you if spotted, and you had to get to patches of land or successfully kill them before they got to you. But even on land, they could be annoying and make a screeching attack that could stun and slow down for a while.

However, the screech also had a second purpose: there was a hunter enemy in the swamp that had a giant bubble of acid around its neck and shoulders, and when close, it could either spew acid or use its clawed hand. He was the main threat in the area.

There were also some strange ritual things in the swamp, in one place there were some werewolves and witches (who resembled Dimitriska’s daughters in the finale, but played a completely different role) around the fire, you could walk past them, or fight for items.

There was still a lot of work to be done on the location, and in the end it was decided to focus on something else.

Keep in mind that all this should be taken as a rumor and nothing more, but in any case, it would be interesting to see this cut content, for example, in the Director’s Cut or possibly as part of a future potential DLC.

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