An update with a free market for in-game items has been released for Crossout Mobile

In update 1.7.0. The mobile online action game received a battle pass for the Ravagers faction, new parts and weapons for assembling post-apocalyptic cars.

The Free Market is a platform where prices for in-game items are determined by supply and demand from active players. For example, in-demand goods will rise in price, while less popular ones will, on the contrary, fall.

Gaijin Entertainment believes that the free market will allow the warriors of the Wasteland to purchase equipment at fair prices and earn additional funds from successful deals, operating on market fluctuations.

The new pass gives players access to seventy rewards, including weapons and parts for post-apocalyptic cars. Among them is the epic “Adapter” pulse rifle, capable of penetrating even the thickest armor.

Finally, the Virion set has gone on sale with an armored car based on the legendary Contemplator cockpit, the Chameleon Mk2 invisibility module and the Recluse wheels, which are equipped with a device to intercept enemy turrets.

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