Apex Legends artbook is on sale at Amazon

Apex Legends fans can discover new information and admire the breathtaking art in the recently announced The Art of Apex Legends by Respawn Entertainment. The artbook is a collection of art, from legendary skins to weapons, and even arenas of the beloved FPS Battle Royale from the world of Titanfall.

Apex Legends Artbook – $ 24 (was $ 40)

  Apex Legends Artbook

Art of Apex Legends pre-order is now available for $ 24 on Amazon ahead of its November 9 release. As always with Amazon pre-orders, you’ll get the lowest price offered from order to release.

The Apex Legends Artbook is classified as an “Oversized Hardcover Volume” on the publisher Dark Horse’s website. In addition to illustrations, the book contains comments from the developers. There is not a word about how relevant the information in the book will be.

A month after the game was released in 2019, Todd Sue, the previous art director of Apex Legends from Respawn Entertainment, shared a blog post on ArtStation Magazine. The blog post featured several pieces of art created by different talents from their art department. However, the upcoming artbook is a whopping 192 pages.

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