Apparently ID Software is looking for an employee to work on a new part of Doom


Name ID Software became famous in the gaming industry since the 1990s, and it still carries weight. As the studio responsible for Doom and Quake, id has long established itself as one of the most important development teams, especially when it comes to building the foundations of a modern first-person shooter. No wonder a huge company is looking to hire the best of the best, and a new job posting on the site Zenimax says that, most likely, a new game in the AAA genre is in development.

At the moment it is impossible to say what kind of game it will be, but the job posting says that ID Software is currently looking for a “combat designer”, in particular, she wants to hire someone with extensive knowledge of the games of the series Doomespecially reboots and Doom Eternal. This suggests that perhaps a new part of the long-running influential series will be released. However, it cannot be ruled out that the studio is also working on a sequel to 1996’s Quake, which had almost as much of an impact on gameplay as its predecessor.

Of course, these are just speculations at this stage, as the announcement does not, understandably, specify what the new employee will be working on, but says that he will be developing “high-quality” gameplay and creating “combat spaces”. Given that at the end of November 2021, Zenimax was recruiting for id Software. At the very least, it looks like whatever project is in development will have that element of arena-style gameplay that Doom 2016 and Eternal immediately became a bestseller.

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