Apple and Samsung face new fines for lack of power adapters bundled with new smartphones

After Apple removed the power adapter from smartphone boxes, Samsung soon followed suit. However, this led both companies to face scrutiny and fines from various government agencies around the world.

The Cupertino-based company is currently facing additional fines in Brazil for not shipping its new iPhones with a charger. Apple says removing the power adapter saves up to 2 million metric tons of annual carbon footprint by reducing packaging volume, resulting in more boxes per shipping pallet. Of course, this is also beneficial for the company itself, as it allows you to save on shipping costs.

Samsung did the same with its flagship smartphones. Thus, the South Korean company also faces a fine for not having a charger in the kit. In addition, both companies are suing the consumer protection agency in Sao Paulo.

The agency wants to sue $5.2 million. However, it is not known whether this amount of the fine is to one or both companies at once. It is believed that since Apple made the decision to remove the charger from the box, the company has saved more than $6.5 billion in shipping and other costs.

Both brands are still arguing with more than 900 prosecutors across Brazil, who could soon open administrative proceedings against both tech giants.

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