Apple blocks all Belarusian developers in the App Store due to US sanctions

Belarusian developers and content makers began to complain about the deactivation of their accounts in the App Store Connect and iTunes Connect.

So, the developer Evgeny Shaposhnikov said that his account in App Store Connect was completely blocked along with the released games. Moreover, Shaposhnikov noted that he did not earn money on his projects, but, on the contrary, gave Apple $ 100 annually for an open account of an individual, and not a legal one.

We also found mentions in developer chats that a profile can be blocked even if the owner transferred it to another country. And on the Apple support forum it is said that the accounts of developers with Belarusian citizenship are blocked, but people may not be residents of the country.

This is what the message sent by Apple looks like:

We noticed an issue verifying your account. The legal entity information associated with your account is fully consistent with the restricted country or one or more countries on the US Government Consolidated Watch List, other government sanctions list, or restricted regions list.

Russian version of the letter on the developers website:

The author of the podcasts, Sergey Epikhin, also said that now money for paid subscriptions to Apple Podcasts cannot be withdrawn either.

Users note that in the personal account of the App Store Connect developer in the block Legal entities there was a record subject to sanctions, as well as in the block Agreement the status is limited.

Apple makes payments through the German financial conglomerate Deutsche Bank. It was considered a key correspondent bank for state-owned credit institutions of the Republic of Belarus. Now, due to sanctions, some Belarusian banks do not accept payments from him.

UPD 22.29: Apple has started removing Belarusian applications from search results or blocking access to them altogether. When you try to open the pages of some programs through direct links, a notification is displayed that it is “not available in your country or region.”

iOS developer Ivan Vorobey from the Sparrow Code Telegram channel told Habr that developers can neither withdraw funds from accounts nor transfer data to others.

To make the transfer, you must accept the latest version of the master agreement. However, this is not possible. Ivan believes that accounts and funds will remain blocked until Apple changes its mind.

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