Aquatics Species Pack now available in Stellaris: Console Edition

It can be purchased separately or as part of the Expansion Pass 5.

The Aquatics Species Pack includes:

  • Dragons: An ancient mythical beast stalks your homeworld, and your relationship with it will determine whether it seeks to protect you or destroy you.
  • Ocean Paradise: Peaceful civilizations lead normal lives in an abundant environment. They do not need food supplies, and they are provided with unhindered growth in abundance in the absence of natural enemies.
  • A new trait is “Aquoid”: when species evolve and thrive on ocean worlds, they will feel like “fish out of water” on other planets.
  • A new civilian model – “Fishermen”: seafood, fresh fish and occasionally pearls – these are the advantages of a sailor’s life.
  • A new feature is Hydrocentricity: When you spend most of your time underwater, you find cheaper and faster methods of changing the environment.
  • New set of ships.
  • New water dragon
  • New advisor
  • 15 new water portraits for aquoids.

The Aquatics DLC, along with the Nemesis DLC released earlier this year, is now available to all players who purchase the DLC.

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