Atmospheric horror shooter GTFO received a video briefly describing the features of the game


To attract an audience to a well-received game by critics and players GTFO developers from swedish studio 10 Chambers Collective decided to release an introductory video showing the key features of the shooter.

GTFO is an extreme co-op horror shooter filled with thrilling tension and insane action. Teamwork is the key. You play as prisoners who are being held captive by a mysterious being known only as the Guardian. The Guardian forces you to descend into a terrifying underground complex to perform dangerous tasks. If you want to survive, your best bet is to go with three trusted friends – and the game’s official Discord channel is a great place to find them! If you can’t create a full team, then get help from the bots.

GTFO has a unique campaign structure: each update of the game brings a new work order from the Guardian. The Rundown is a series of expeditions that form a mini-campaign with a unique theme and storyline. Expeditions are spread across levels, where missions in the lower parts take place deep within the Complex. The further you go down, the more difficult the expeditions become. Yellow rectangles represent missions that place more emphasis on story elements. Here you can unravel the mysteries surrounding you, where the monsters came from, who is holding you captive, and whether you can escape…

Every few months, once the Warden is satisfied with the progress made by the prisoners, he will issue a new work order with a new set of tasks for the player to solve. Fresh missions are coming, but nightmares won’t just go away. Each major update brings new story scenarios, new limited cosmetic items rewarded for successful expeditions, and new enemies ready to tear you to shreds. GTFO is a constantly evolving universe, in every shadow of which lies intrigue. Playing in GTFO, you will experience an incredible mixture of fear and excitement. Test your ability to communicate and coordinate your actions. Work together – or die together.

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